We offer a wide variety of professional writing and editing services.


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Whether for your website, pamphlets, brochures, posters or any other media, we will sell you and your business with our compelling and professional writing.

Cost: £175 per day.
or £90 for half a day.

We charge on a daily basis due to the changing nature of the work. Every project is different, and requires a varying amount of research and input from us. Half day charges are available for small projects.

Copyediting and Proofreading

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If you already have copy you’re happy with, but would like an expert eye cast over it, we offer editing and proofreading services. In a proofread, we will check for, and change, any spelling, grammar, semantic, and punctuation mistakes.

Our copyediting service is more comprehensive. We will take what you have written and edit it into professional copy.

Cost: 15p per word


 CV/Personal Statement Proofreading


When a potential employer pulls your CV out of the pile, what do they see?

With a crowded job market, and an even more crowded university pool, vacancies are often met with tens of applications. Your CV is your opportunity to sell yourself, and spelling, grammatical, or semantic errors can send it into the bin before the end of the first paragraph.

Our CV/Personal Statement  could be the difference between getting a job or university place and missing out. We will help you to be judged on your experience, qualifications, and personality – not the quality of your writing.

Cost: 15p per word

Website Building


A website is an essential for every business, big or small, offering greater legitimacy and professionalism in the eyes of customers as well as providing an excellent advertisement and point of contact for your business.

We will build an attractive and polished website for your business, and write and set up the entire thing.

Cost: £175 per day

This does not include the cost of a domain name or other administrative expenses


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